When Google Sneezes all Website Trembles

As Small Medium Enterprise (SME) business owner, you might feel overwhelm by the changing landscape when it comes to your online presence. The need to keep up with changes that affect your online business can be a daunting task.


Your ranking position today is not a guarantee, the keywords you thought were bringing you customers will have changed or you might be missing out on new keywords that could bring you more customers; you could be using outdated tools to run your website or you could be aware of a need for change but afraid to take the next step.


SME business owners could find themselves in one or two of the above and it’s perfectly right to ask for help.. Despite the constant changes, there is Hope!

Your web presence can be great again…… provided you are open to change and ready to take your online business to the next level.


A True Life Story

I was hired as a Website Consultant by an Online Retailer of a festive product. My mandate was to improve their search visibility and review website processes. The online retailer had a Web Firm that doesn’t offer search engine optimisation. Whilst reviewing the website I did several checks on the company website.


First I completed a comprehensive website audit of the client site in order to understand, the reason why the site was failing, important keywords as well as review the workflow process of their website.

On completion of the audit, I found out that the e-commerce site was built from the ground up and there was no content management system in place to help speed up the uploading of products and updating meta tags.


The Owner rejected the need to plan for a change to a Content Management System that will

  • Speed up the process of updating their website,
  • Offer rich SEO features
  • Allow for the mobile version of their website in order to tap into the growing number of mobile customers.

My Solution

At the time, I recommended the use of either WordPress platform for the e-commerce or Magento.
It took almost 3 years and loss of business before the owner made the choice to migrate his website onto Magento.

The fear of change cost my client a lot of money and customs.

You don’t have to go through a similar fate before you evaluate your website.

Benefits of using WordPress Content Management System

It is Free

WordPress content Management is free to use. It is used by over 75Million people to build their websites and blog. Corporate institution and Government institution use it too, why not you.

SEO Friendly

WordPress content Management system along with thousands of its free search optimisation plugins makes optimisation of your website a breeze. Google loves WordPress because it is easy for google robots to crawl website built with WordPress.

Friendly URL

WordPress allow you to create keyword friendly url that you can share with your customers.
A friendly url looks like this mydomainname.com/website.

Mobile Friendly

With the increase in the use of mobile devices to access websites, your website must be mobile friendly. WordPress Content Management system create mobile friendly websites.

Easy to Manage

If you can use Microsoft office, you will be able to manage the day to day content management of your website using WordPress. WordPress is very easy to manage and to help you get started here is a copy of Word Press Manual for you.

Download Free WordPress Manual

Flexible & Extendable

WordPress Content Management is a flexible platform that allows you to keep your site fresh and relevant through the use of various free and premium themes.
Wordpress offers you lots of great features through the use of thousands of free plugin contributed by WordPress community.

The way to experience WordPress is to try it out, to get you started

Download Free WordPress Manual