Spa Website – Common Issues Revealed

A lady having massage

In my post today, I will highlight some of the issues I have noticed with a number of Spa websites.

It is not uncommon when a Spa business seems to be doing great, owners at times neglects their online presence. I guess you might be thinking – If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it!! ūüôā

Your competitors are not sleeping and changes in search engine algorithms might affect your spa website.

Spa Websites – Issues that could affect your website.

Design and Layout

In the quest of following the current design trend, through the use of spa website templates, important information that will help customers make their decision are sacrificed for big banners.
Important information like Phone Numbers, addresses, Book Now should be placed above the fold.

The colour used on your Spa website can also affect users ability to read information like telephone numbers or opening times.

I always think of Supermarket stores when designing a website. As you enter into a Supermarket, you will notice that items are strategically placed to get you to make a purchase.

With this mind, visit your spa website and ask yourself РWill this design, layout and texts get a customer to call your business or book an appointment?

Mobile Friendly

Some Spa websites are yet to go mobile.
It is important to ensure your website is mobile friendly.
Mobile friendly means your Spa website displays correctly on all handheld device and it also loads fast. This is a must!!

You might need to rethink the content you will provide to your mobile customers. Content on your website might not be appropriate
for mobile website. Remember it is mobile, customers make their decision pretty fast so offer customers the information they need to make their decision.

You can test if your Spa website site is mobile friendly by testing your website on Mobile-Friendly Test site by Google.

Booking System

This is another area of challenge for some Spa websites. A number of Spa websites I visited use a third party service to help organise their bookings and payment. Some booking systems are great and some are not so great.

From my experience of testing various booking systems for Spa websites, it is essential to keep it simple. Organise your products and services so that users understand what they are booking. One effective booking application that I have used for a client is called Bookly and you can see a demo and make a purchase for your site on Code Canyon The application works only on WordPress platform.

You keep all your payment, no commission to pay to a service provider except to PayPal, you are in full control.

Evaluate your website if your booking system is effective for your business.

Duplicate Content

Ever struggle to generate a unique content for your Spa website? You are not alone. I share your struggle :).
The owners of Spa websites at times replicates same content for products because there is no time to write unique content for each product and services.

You can hire a content writer or ask your staff to write content for the product and services they offer to customers.
Google does not like duplicate content. Spend some time to review your website content.

Some other common issues are Broken Links, Poor website structure and Naming structure.

Look out for my upcoming post on how best to structure your spa website.