How to Tune up Your Website

The focus of my post today is to share some ideas on how to tune up your website and in return improve your website visibility on search results.

Most small business owners do not know what to look for when it comes to checking the state of their website, most would say, my website is not showing up on first page of local search result and they need help and some cannot be bothered because probably they are running PPC campaign with Google, Bing or Facebook.

Using  as an example, I will share some insight on what to look for and  how to tune up a website and in return make progress towards improving local visibility on search engine result.

Profile : Ashtangamanchester was built using WordPress and site is 4 years old with strong social signal from Facebook.

Background Task
Before writing this post, I have conducted a comprehensive website audit using my favourite software Website Auditor from link assistant..
Furthermore I conducted backlink analysis of the site and here are my findings and what can be done to tune up

Here are my findings and how to resolve the issues

  • SEO Friendly URL is required for Ashtangamanchester. Current URL is below:

    It is advisable to hire a professional to help set up a redirect  for the website while making changes to the URL structure.
    Login to WordPress website head to Settings > Permalinks and choose “Custom Structure” or “Post name” and save changes.
    Your new URL will look like
    Here is free resource about how to create  SEO Friendly URL
  • Custom Error 404 page is missing on The way to quickly fix this is to create a page and call it 404 and publish the page.
  • Sitemap is required for Ashtangamanchester. Search for sitemap plugin in WordPress, add it to your site and follow the instruction. Submit your sitemap to Google via Google Webmaster central.
  • Robots text file needs to be added to site so that search engines knows which pages to crawl and not to crawl.
  • Duplicate titles and empty meta descriptions on website needs fixing.
  • There are about 10 uncompressed images on the website. Uncompressed images will affect load time of the website
  • When it comes to page usability on mobile, some links and buttons are hard to click on touch screen devices. Set up viewport tag. Google page speed insight provides information about how to fix this issue.

More Ideas

  • Make the most of your home page. Using big slider that pushes important information below the fold has been a trend for some time, but is it the right approach for your website? Check your Google Analytics Data for how users are engaging with your website.
  • Most users looking for Ashtanga Yoga will be interested in attending classes, so moving details of location/car parking facility below the fold should be reviewed.
  • Think of your mobile customers. Optimise your website for mobile devices, eg “Yoga Classes near me”, “Ashtanga Yoga Classes near me” etc
  • Extensive Keyword Research is highly recommended for Ashtangamanchester. Download Free keyword ideas for your website here
  • More backlinks are required for the site, currently there are only 15 backlinks to the site.This can be achieved through content marketing and getting listed on reputable local directories. You can use SEO Spy Glass to look for backlink opportunities.
  • The site can also do with more social signals.

In Summary, the above are various ideas that can be explore, for implementation and more insight on how to improve your website contact us.