Benefits of Google Analytics

As a Freelance SEO Specialist,  I discovered that some local businesses are not implementing Google Analytics or any user tracking code on their website. This made it difficult to understand how users have engaged and currently engaging with their online presence and how to improve user’s experience.

Google Analytics is Free to use on your website.

Here are some benefits of using Google Analytics in plain English

It provides information about where visitors to your website are located, e.g their country and city.

benefits of Google Analytics

You can use this information to plan your marketing campaign.

You also get to know how your customers found out about your products and services online. This could be via google search, through social media or through referrals.

Google Analytics Screen shot

Google Analytics will help you identify pages on your website that users found engaging. Let’s assume you have a blog, implementing  google analytics tracking code will enable you to identify which blog post receives most visits and how long readers spent on your blog post.
If you are selling products online, google analytics can help you understand how customers interact with your products.
You can use all this information to implement changes that will improve your customer’s online experience.

example of destination page


Google Analytics _ Engagement sample page

If you have ever question why you have to have a mobile friendly website, here is a reason to act fast!

Google Analytics shows you what type of devices your website visitors are using to find your services.

Here is a screen shot showing that most traffic to my sample site is from mobile devices.

Screenshot from GA Account
If your website is not mobile friendly, this is the reason to ensure you have a mobile friendly website so that you don’t miss out on mobile customers.
Google Analytics allows your to generate lots of report which will help you understand how users are engaging with your website.

Example of reports you can generate are – Traffic Acquisition Report,  New vs Returning Visitors Report, Bounce Rate and Exit Rate, Landing Pages Report.

An example of a basic report you can generate is  monthly traffic report. This report provides information  about total number of visits to your website.

There are so many benefits of implementing Google Analytics on your website, my above post is just the tip of the iceberg, you need to signup for free and begin your journey with Google Analytics.

You can read a bit more on how I have used Google Analytics in an seo project here


How to implement Google Analytics on your website

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