Adwords Fundamentals Exam 2016

As a Google Adwords user, I set myself the goal to write the Adwords fundamentals exam; thankfully I passed (90%) and thought I share useful insight which might help anyone wishing or planning to become certified.

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My post will focus more on what has helped me pass Adwords fundamentals Exam.
To find out more about details like – the length of Examination, how to get certified, visit Google Adwords Study Guide for up to date information.

Here is my live exam to help you towards your exam revision.

Download PDF Version Questions and Answers –  Adwords Fundamental Exam 2016

Study Plan

It’s great wishing to become a certified online advertiser, but without a plan of action I would not have passed Adwords Fundamental Exam.
After downloading the Google Adwords Fundamental Study Guide from here, I created a study plan. My study plan was, I spent a minimum of 2 hours a day going through the Adwords Fundamental Study Guide, I watched Adwords Fundamentals training videos on youtube to reinforce what I have studied.

You will need to find a pattern that works for you, whatever you do, stick to your game plan and keep studying.

What I also found helpful was, I set a realistic exam date for myself and work towards the date. Once I set myself a realistic exam date the next step below became a game changer for my revision and here they are :


IPASS website is a great resource to use for your revision. I must stress, it is important to have study the Adwrds Fundamentals Exam study Guide before signing up for the free Adwords test questions with IPASS otherwise you might feel overwhelmed if you fail the IPASS test.

IPASS test questions will help you identify areas where you need to focus on before taking the AdWords fundamentals exam.

YouTube Video

After spending time practising free questions on IPASS, the next resource I used for my revision was Youtube. Youtube has got some live exam recording like mine.

What I did : I search from Live Google Adwords Exam 2015 on Youtube and forwarded the video clips to the end (on some video) to see the final exam score.

The pass mark for google Adwords is 80%. I curated a couple of videos where individuals scored above 90%. I used the clips for my revision.

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The idea is if the individual scored above 90%, you can trust that the individual must have got a lot of their answers right and you can in a way trust 90% of their answers. Provided you have studied as well, you will be able to spot where they might have gone wrong and you can avoid their mistakes when it comes to your exam.

Here are samples of Youtube Video you can use for your revision :

What you might also notice as you go through some of this videos (provided you have revised properly) is that you will be able to identify the pattern of questions you can expect.

Use Google

Google Adwords exam is an open book exam, this means you can refer to your study guide during the exam. A word of caution, you only have 120mins so if you don’t have an idea of the location of what you looking for in your study guide, you might end up wasting your exam time.

I encountered two or three questions that required me to refer to my study guide, I must say that I wish I hadn’t. I got confused while trying to figure out the answer 🙂 because the questions are application based questions.

In the end, I followed my gut instinct and choose the answer that I thought was right. I don’t do well with open book exam.

In summary, you can pass Google Adwords Fundamental Exam by having a good study plan and follow my suggestion above and you will be amazed! I passed – 90%.

I plan to share my next exam soon.