Digital Marketing Career Blueprint

A simple Presentation about what it takes to begin a career as an online marketer. Click for Full Presentation What is Digital Marketing Career Blueprint Digital Marketing Career Blueprint provides you with a Free Mini Course¬†¬†which gives you an exposure to what Online Marketers do and how you too can do the same for your… Learn More

Adwords Fundamentals Exam 2016

As a Google Adwords user, I set myself the goal to write the Adwords fundamentals exam; thankfully I passed (90%) and thought I share useful insight which might help anyone wishing or planning to become certified. Learn to Turn Your AdWords Certificaiton in a $60K Career My post will focus more on what has helped… Learn More

How to SEO a Website

My Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) adventure began more than four years ago. It has been a constant learning curve, and still is! I follow industry blogs to keep up with changes within the SEO world. Examples of blogs I follow include Moz, Search Engine Land and SEO Powersuite. SEO is a long-term strategy that requires… Learn More

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Adwords Search Advertising Exam 2016

Updated with PDF download of Question and Answers !! A while back I shared a live recording of my Adwords Fundamental Exam. Here is my second video – Adwords Search Advertising Exam. Click here for Blue Print on How to land your First Digital Marketing Job ! Download PDF Questions and Answers – Adwords Advance… Learn More

SEO PowerSuite – My Own Experience

My interest in SEO started while following the blog by Ben Hunt. At the time, Ben Hunt offered an amazing spreadsheet to help work out how to rank a website in any niche. Ben Hunt at the time introduced his followers to SEO MOZ now called Moz. At the time, I used MOZ and… Learn More

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